What is Equine Therapy Learning?

Equine Therapy Learning is a combination of Equine Therapy, CBT Counselling and Alternative Learning;

  • Counselling
  • Confidence building
  • Alternative curriculum learning/tutoring – basic skills and maths.

We can help….

We provide an effective unique programme of Equine Therapy Learning in a beautiful peaceful location in the Vale of Glamorgan working to help vulnerable people and families with a range of issues.

We offer support to every individual, everyone can benefit and every session is specifically tailored to that persons needs.

Why Horses…

  • Horses are such large powerful animals, like humans; each unique and emotional with distinct personalities.  Learning to safely and effectively work with an animal weighing 1000 pounds or more requires patience, trust, compassion, awareness, and self-confidence; gaining or enhancing these traits alone can be quite an accomplishment for anybody.
  • Horses are like a non-judgmental mirror in our work with vulnerable people; they are such responsive, accepting and intuitive animals that they are able to reflect truthfully a person’s character, problems and emotions right back to the – even if you don’t know who you are the horse does.
  • Without the need for words, challenge, risks and expectations we already are set with the perfect foundation and relationship for positive growth and real learning.
  • Horses portray clear body language which speaks a thousand beautiful words; learning to read body language is a powerful and empowering tool which can help to break down barriers and communication blocks within that person – revealing a true self.
  • Horses naturally carry the wisdom, patience and ability to guide people back to themselves and to where they want to be when often no one else has been able to.


What is Equine Therapy…

  • This therapy is different to all other forms of therapy; it is in the moment learning and agenda free meaning there are no set expectations placed on a vulnerable person.
  • Equine Therapy enables people to learn about themselves and others through participating in activities with the horses. Problem solving, creative thinking, teamwork, confidence, and effects of body language are some of the skills that are naturally obtained through the process.
  • Being around a horse is considered to be healing and therapeutic in itself due to its powerful and calming presence. There’s also a healing bond that can develop between the individual and the horses; often being the most trusting relationship that that person has ever experienced.

Equine Therapy Wales also offers a chance for vulnerable people to gain qualifications – please see the “gaining Qualifications” page.