Qualifications & Experience

My name is Hannah Lee Rogers, I have two main passions in life; one being horses and the other is to help people reach their full potential self in life.

I am a fully qualified BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) Cognitive Behavioral therapist (CBT) and a trained experienced natural horsewoman who has an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy background. I graduated from the University of Wales, Newport.

I have experience in many areas as listed here.

I have experience in supporting young people in education and running Family Learning groups to tackle difficulties through the empowerment of learning; basic skills and emotional literacy being the main focus.


Why use us?

  • There is something peaceful, magical and beautiful about being around nature, it seems to take away the pressure and confines from the therapy enabling a relationship to form with much more ease.
  • We are different from every other type of service offered in this sector; we are non-judgmental, confidential and we individually tailor our programme to meet the needs of each individual.
  •  We understand how important it is to work with the family as a whole.
  • We strongly believe in what we do – this is our passion and through this genuine real experience with horses, therapy and family learning we can make a huge difference to many lives including yours.